What is Pharmabox24?

Pharmabox24 is an automated collection point which is available 24/7 meaning your customers can pick up their prescription items at their convenience.

Give your customers/patients the best possible service and compete with distance-selling pharmacies

Why Install a Pharmabox24?

Pharmabox24 offers added convenience to your customers allowing them access to picking up the prescriptions 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

These super-efficient employees are constantly working for your pharmacy growing business and giving a competitive edge versus online pharmacies.

How Does it Work?

Load the prepared prescription bag into the back of the machine and Pharmabox24 will send a text to your customer with a PIN telling them that their items are ready to collect!

The customer can then collect at their convenience – No more waiting in for a delivery!

see the pharmabox24 in action

See how quick and easy it is to load the Pharmabox24 and how the Patient can pick up their medication.

How it works

The Process

A Pharmabox24 Collection Point can help a pharmacy or dispensing practice retain customers by providing a safe and secure collection point for a patient’s medication.


The Patient

Your patient / customer requests their repeat medication in the normal manner from their GP surgery and either an electronic or paper prescription is sent through to the pharmacy or dispensary


The Pharmacy or Dispensary

With either paper prescription or electronic copy of the medication in hand at the pharmacy or the dispensary, the dispensing team will need to record a mobile telephone number and the consent for the patient wishing to use the new Pharmabox24


The Prescription

Item[s] are prepared, labelled, checked and bagged by the pharmacist and the dispensing team and an address label is attached to the outside of the bag


The Pharmacy Staff

One of the team scans a location slot for the bag; scans the barcode on the bag label (created by the pharmacy IT system); places the bag in that location; and then re-confirms by scanning the location code.


The Pharmabox24

When the bag is scanned into its location, the Pharmabox24 technology texts the patient with a PIN number telling them that their prescription is ready for collection


The Patient

Goes to the Pharmabox24 Collection Point, enters their PIN and collects their medicine at their time of choosing


We are focused on patient choice and access to their medication

Pharmabox24 has been launched in the UK following the successful roll-out of the product in the Dutch market.

We have always been passionate about the use of technology in the Pharmacy and Dispensing Practice world, and now we have found what we think is a great machine at a price point that suits your business.

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The Pharmabox24 Product Range

There are sizes of Pharmabox24 to suit every pharmacy or dispensing practice


Width: 852 mm

Height: 2010 mm

Depth: 980 mm


Width: 1108 mm

Height: 2010 mm

Depth: 980 mm


Width: 1492 mm

Height: 2010 mm

Depth: 980 mm